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AIOICI - Italian Association of the Independent Certification and Inspection Bodies

Our history

The first contacts among the promoters are developed about the association idea: Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's Register and Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) start searching for other partners.

On January 9, with notary deed filed with the Notary Maragliano in Milan AIOICI was founded including 6 Companies: BUREAU VERITAS, COTECNA, IITS / (INCHCAPE), INSPECTORATE, LLOYD'S REGISTER, Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS).
First contacts with FTA (Federation of Advanced Tertiary) are developed...

The Association grows: in the year DNV, EUROQUALITY, ITALSEA, SICNOR enter AIOICI. Thanks to EUROQUALITY an important office support in Rome is available. AIOICI is presented at Palazzo Chigi, and attends meetings of Confindustria in Brianza, working with AIP to a draft law on the Italian System of certification.

Rotation of the positions of President and Vice President. First certification scheme of the auditors of the Quality System. First draft the Deontological Code of the Association. Meetings with ALPI and CISQ to examine hypotheses of collaboration.

Important convention activities (Milan Chamber of Commerce). Diffusion of Technical Guide AIOICI for the qualification of auditors. Intensive meetings for the homogenization of the behavior of Associates. Difficulty in contacts with Sincert [Accreditation Body].

AIOICI is Member of Sincert since January. Contacts and collaboration with CISQ are intensified. Expressions of Interest by TUV, ABS and AOQC / MMI to enter into the Association. Withdrawal of Euroquality.

Year activity characterized by a large number of conventions and seminars (Milan, Rome, Verona) for FONTI, Rilem, ISMES. The division of tasks between the representatives of the Members allows to adequately cover Fonti, EQS, and Sincert.

AIOICI participates in the foundation of CEPAS (Certification body Personnel Acting as Systems auditors). Bureau Veritas is alternated in AIOICI by BVQI and there is a disturbance in the cadence of the renewal of the Board.

Bureau Veritas is part of AIOICI alongside BVQI; LRQA comes alongside LLOYD'S REGISTER. Also IIS (Italian Institute of Welding) and TUV Italy join the Association. The member Sicnor acquired by one of the Associates leaves the Association.

Rotation of the Governance. Gastec joins the Association. It is perceived a preponderance of the interests of the Members for the certification activities versus Inspection.

AOQC Moody joins the Association. Commitment to inspection activities is increased especially because of the impulse given by the European Directive PED.

Rotation of the Governance. AIOICI has now 2 Vice Presidents (one for the certification activities and the other for inspections). CSI and ANCCP join the Association while Italsea, Inspectorate [mainly concerned the inspection of bulk materials] resign.

QC&I (body of certification for organic farming) joins the Association: AIOICI now has 14 members. The new web site is designed. Cooperation with Sincert for ISO 9001 Vision 2000 and for activities related to the Merloni-ter law.

Rotation of the Governance. Intense presence in conferences. AIOICI decides to submit an application for admission to the IAF. The combined action of AIOICI ALPI and CISQ strenghten Sincert and its leadership in Italy.

The draft DDL (1568) on the National System of Conformity Assessment is presented to the Senate. AIOICI is member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Sincert. AIOICI works with ALPI and CISQ for a unique Confederation ...

Rotation of the Governance. The number of Members of the Association decreases because the two associated SGS companies were merged. AIOICI appoints a stable position as Secretary General.

DEKRA, KHC and 2R Engineering join the Association: the total of Members rises to 16. The group of AIOICI Members for the first time totalize the largest market share in Italy within the System Certification becoming the most representative in the country ...

Rotation of the Governance. AIOICI now has three Vice-Presidents, the Food Sector is added to Certification and Inspection. Even if re-elected, the President of the previous two years will be obliged to leave the position in consequence of a serious accident.

It is decided that the primary objective is to defend the representativeness in the context of Sincert, as well as in the future Unique National Accreditation Body, relying upon the value of independence of the Members and the best practices implemented [excellence example in Italy] ...

Rotation of the Governance. Withdrawal of 4 members [KHC, IIS, ANCCP and DEKRA]: an analysis of the reasons leads to the conclusion that these Members did not find in AIOICI the expected promotion of their business.

AIOICI plays a strong role in Sincert (where the association is present in the Steering and Control Committee) about the use of the external auditors. EFAC provides effective representation in EA and IAF with adequate transmission of information.

Renewal of associative Governance. AIOICI is recognized to have played active and important roles in all the steps that led to the establishment of the Unique National Body for Accreditation Accredia and reached the highest visibility with the presence in the decision-making key organs of Accredia.

DEKRA comes back to AIOICI; in the same time there's the withdrawal of QC&I for changes in ownership and of 2R Engineering. The absence of QC&I requires the Vice President for Certification to cover the interim as Vice-President of Food Certification ...

Renewal of associative Governance. The presence of representatives AIOICI in all organs of Accredia management (Board of directors, Executive committee, Committee of warranty and Working Group on various matters important for Members) and other Associations / Federations like CSITFedercostruzioniCertification of Control "Pre-pack for Industrialised Production of Concrete", has given special visibility and reputation to the Association.

Withdrawal of Certification Bureau (in bankruptcy proceedings). With the renewal of the positions in Accredia, AIOICI is now member of the Board of Directors and of the Board of Guarantee while the presence in the Executive Committee is assumed by ALPI representative in accordance with the principle of periodic rotation. 

Rotation of the Governance (see the new composition of the Board in the relevant page "Governing Board").