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By definition, the inspection is the examination of a product, of process or service, of an installation or a design, to determine their compliance with general or specific requirements, in particular for the processes it may include people, plants, technologies or methodologies.

The activities of inspection may cover the wide range of fields, and each one of the Members can deliver various forms of inspection according to the specific skills of their staff, so it is suggested to consult the Web sites of individual companies for details.

As an example we include in the list that follows the types of inspection more frequently practiced.

:: Quantitative and qualitative Checks on commodities (eg Foodstuffs, Minerals, chemicals, oil, etc..), Industrial Products and Consumer Goods (food and otherwise)
:: Checks of the compliance of finished products and during their manufacture
:: Inspection of the production chain Pre-shipment Inspection (on specific recognition of the governments of the states importers)
:: Checks of civil works and plant related
:: Verification and validation of projects
:: Checks of components and industrial systems
:: Tests on aerospace components
:: Qualification of welding processes and other special processes
:: ASME Inspection services
:: Desk checks of technical dossiers
:: Electrical checks on the basis of Presidential Decree 462-2001
:: Periodical testing, as requested by Law, of Lifts, Hoists, Pressure Equipment, Lifting Equipment
:: Monitoring the supply of services such as "Mystery Client"
:: Expediting
:: Checks on construction sites aimed at the safety of personnel


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