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Head Office
Via Cadriano, 23 - 40057 Cadriano – Granarolo dell'Emilia (BO)
Tel. +39 051 4593111
Fax +39 051 763382
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Local Units in Italy
Roma, Torino, San Vendemiano (TV), Cormano (MI), Livorno, Perugia.

Corporate Headquarters: KIWA NV, Olanda
Date constitution in the Netherlands: 1929
Kiwa Total employees: 4,650
Date of establishment in Italy: 1985
Employees in Italy: 160

Kiwa Italy SpA is the Italian subsidiary of the Kiwa Group. Kiwa is an independent company, its main activity is a highly qualified certification supported by the inspection, testing, engineering and training. Kiwa acts in many sectors with particular emphasis on water, energy, construction, infrastructure, automotive and transportation, agribusiness, food and feed safety, health and care for the environment.

Our customers belong to manufacturing, process, service (public and private), government agencies and international institutions.

Kiwa is globally active in over forty countries, with headquarters in Holland and locations in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Turkey and China. In addition, Kiwa has established a solid network of partners and partnerships in the field of certification into more than thirty countries.

Kiwa is strictly independent and has no any involvement in the production, trade or other activities that might impair his impartiality. Therefore, there is no external influence on decisions or opinions of Kiwa about the results of its activities.

The Kiwa management and staff understand the importance of objectivity and impartiality of certification, testing and inspection. For this, Kiwa continuously monitors its activities to identify possible conflicts of interest by ensuring objectivity and impartiality.

In addition, Kiwa is monitored by various accreditation bodies, controlled by external organizations, and qualified by governmental bodies.

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Punto normativo.Linee Guida ANAC per gli appalti e Fondo nazionale per l’efficienza energetica 2018-04-06

Numerosi i richiami all’accreditamento e alle valutazioni di conformità nei recenti provvedimenti: Linee Guida “Affidamento servizi architettura ed ingegneria” – ANAC Fondo Nazionale Efficienza Energetica – DM 22 dicembre 2017   Linee Guida “Affidamento servizi architettura ed ingegneria” – ANAC Sono state pubblicate il 23 marzo scorso le Linee Guida ANAC n.1 “Indirizzi generali sull’affidamento […]

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UNI ISO 45001, tre anni per completare la migrazione delle certificazioni accreditate 2018-04-04

Una norma internazionale al passo con l’attuale processo di globalizzazione: con la pubblicazione, il 12 marzo scorso, della ISO 45001:2018, recepita contestualmente dall’UNI come norma italiana UNI ISO 45001:2018, nasce la prima norma ISO per certificare i sistemi di gestione per la salute e sicurezza sul lavoro. Diverse le caratteristiche che armonizzano la ISO 45001 […]

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