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via Carducci 125 Pal. 23
20099 Sesto San Giovanni MI

tel. +39 02 241 301
fax +39 02 2413 0397

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Corporate headquarters: TÜV SÜD Group
Date established: 1870
Total number of employees: 20200
Beginning of activities in Italy: 1987
Number of employees in Italy: 498 (TÜV Italy Bytest + + pH)
Offices in Italy: Sesto San Giovanni (MI), Scarmagno (TO), Vicenza, Casale (BO), Roma, Volpiano (TO), Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (FI)
Laboratories TÜV Italia: Scarmagno TO
Laboratori Bytest
Bytest Laboratories (controlled company): 
Volpiano TO, Benevento

Laboratori pH
pH Laboratories (controlled company):
Tavarnelle V.P. FI


TÜV Italia ( certification, inspection, testing and training body) is the Italian subsidiary of TÜV SÜD Group.
TÜV Italia is committed to always be at Customer side in the evolution of the management system or the final product to those standards that ensures long-term constancy of efficiency and reliability; factors that increase competitive strength in world markets.

Business sectors

:: Management System certifications, Service certification, Assessment
:: Food certifications and GDO schemes
:: Product certifications
:: People Certification
:: CE marking
:: TÜV Italia Laboratories
:: Bytest Laboratories
:: pH Laboratories
:: Industrial inspections and certifications
:: Activities in the automotive/autoservice sector
:: Training
:: Rail
:: Real Estate

Management System certifications, Service certification, Assessment
Management Systems Certification ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (environment), EMAS validation, Management System Certification according to ISO / TS 16949 (Automotive) AVSQ-MIA, IRIS (Rail), AS 9100 / EN 9100 (Aerospace), AS/EN/JISQ 9110 (aerospace – maintenance companies), AS/EN/JISQ 9120 (aerospace – supplier) OHSAS 18001 (health and worker safety), ISO / IEC 27001 (Information Security), ISO 22301:2012 (Business Continuity), ISO 28000:2007 (Supply chain), ISO / IEC 20000 (information security), SA 8000® (Social Responsibility), UNI EN ISO 3834-1/2/3/4 /5 (quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials), EN 15085 (welding systems in the railway sector), PEFC / FSC (Custody Chain of wood), ISO 50001 (energy), UNI CEI 11352 (energy services companies), UNI EN ISO 22716 (Cosmetics - Good Manifacturing Practices), ISO 13485 (Quality management system for medical device); service certifications according to national/international and proprietary standards, "cmyQ" Process certification, religious certifications Halal and Kosher; Process audit, Supply Chain Second Party audit, Assessment based on proprietary specifications, business continuity, disaster recovery, risk assessment, incident handling. Supply chain audit; Assessment CSR: ISO 26000, BSCI, WRAP, CoC, Sustainibily Reporting validation.

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Food certifications and GDO schemes
Food certification according to ISO 22000 (food safety), ISO 22005 (chain and business traceability), BRC Food, BRC Packaging, BRC Consumer Products, IFS Food, IFS Logistic, IFS Broker, IFS Cash & Carry, GLOBALGAP Fruit & Vegetables, QS, HACCP, Food Contact, UNI EN 15593 (hygiene for food packaging) voluntary product certification, second part audit for the food suppliers qualification.

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Product certifications
Product certification for Class I medical devices (non-sterile and non-function measurement), equipment for sport and leisure, car accessories, snow chains, products and electrical components for household or industrial use, products and electronic components for household or industrial use, products and components for lightening, products and photovoltaic components, telecommunication equipment, laboratory equipment, machinery, toys, playgrounds, children products, power tools for home and leisure, mechanical tools for home and leisure, furniture, textiles, footwear.
Certification according to TÜV SÜD Product Service GS marks, TÜV SÜD Product Service, TÜV SÜD Product Service NRTL (in North America's market).

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People Certification
Development of schemes for the certification of professional figures which are not regulated by the law through a specific professional association. Property Manager Certification (accredited by ACCREDIA), People working on refrigeration equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases certification (accredited by ACCREDIA); Welding and Brazing People Certification, Certification Expert in Energy Management (accredited by ACCREDIA), Certification Privacy Officer consultant and Privacy Policy.

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CE marking
Notified Body (0948) for PED (97/23/EC), lifts (95/16/EC), machinery (2006/42/EC), CPD / building materials UE regulation 305/2011 (CPR), ATEX (94/9/EC), EMC (2004/108/EC), Noise Directive (2000/14/CE). Through its subsidiary TÜV SÜD Industry Service (EC 0036) for TPED, simple pressure tanks, cableways and rope-systems (2000/9/EC). Through its subsidiary TÜV SÜD Product Service (EC 0123), AIMD Directives: 90/385/EEC (and following changes), MDD 93/42/EEC (and following changes), IVD 98/79/EC, PPE (sports facilities) 89/686/EEC. Notified Body for Directive 2000/14/EC and next 2005/88/EC to the noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors.

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TÜV Italia Laboratories
Certified by TÜV SÜD Product Service, accredited by ACCREDIA (EMC, vibration, electrical safety, Environmental tests, mechanical safety), CBTL (electrical safety and EMC) and SASO (electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility) BSMI (electrical safety), FCC (electromagnetic compatibility), by the Ministry of economic development (electromagnetic compatibility) and the Ministry of Productive Activities (acoustic). Tests: electromagnetic compatibility, vibrations, electrical safety, fragility & portability, pre & post shipment Inspection, mechanical safety, environmental stress, acoustic, chemical and physical tests on textiles, leather, footwear, food contact. Non Destructive Testing and External Non Destructive Testing, Failure analysis; metallographic, chemical, mechanical testing.

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Bytest Laboratories
Non Destructive Testing: ultrasonic testing (UT), induced current (ET), industrial radiographic testing (RT), liquid penetrant testing (PT), magnetic particles testing (MT), Nital etch testing (NET), alloys identification, thermography, visual examination, metallographic replicas, hardness tests. NDT Systems: project work, construction, sales and technical support. Inspections audit and welding: supervision to Non destructive testing, dimensional testing, visual inspections, welders qualifications, welding procedures qualification, punchings transport, assistance to manifacturers and laboratories (mechanical, hydraulic and functional tests), verification of technical-contractual documentation referring to specific procedures, verification of work progress, inspections, activities related to PED and TPED directives, activities related to quality and training; laboratory testing: metallographic and mechanical tests, chemical analysis; failure analysis: defining the causes which brought mechanical or structural components to failure.

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pH Laboratories
Food laboratory tests: food analysis, food contact, product certification; environmental laboratory tests: environmental and agronomic testing, controlling and monitoring working atmospheres; microbiological laboratory tests: food analysis, potable and discharge water analysis of compost and mud from water treatment stations, controls of surfaces in work areas, controls of the air, controls of the pureness of cosmetic products, monitoring of the risk of legionnaire’s disease in exposed environments; biomolecular laboratory tests: quality and quantity determinations of genetically modified organisms (OGM) on raw materials and finished products, testing for traces of salmonella and listeria, testing for traces of bovine milk in sheep, goat and buffalo milk cheese, testing for traces of antibiotic; phyto-pathology laboratory tests: identifying of the main pathogens such as cryptogams, insects, dust-mites, phyto-plasmas, viruses, and bacteria; Sensorial laboratory:evaluation of organoleptic characteristic of virgin olive oils. Technical services: health and safety in the workplace, environmental monitoring, HACCP, Fire protection, training about food, food contact, environment and safety issues.

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Industrial inspections and certifications
Tests according to laws, directives, specific rules and guidelines; compliance testing and inspections of plants, machineries, electrical and mechanical equipment (valves, pumps, pressure vessels etc.); yard activities (visual inspections, verification of welding, construction, assembly and so on); second and third parts inspections, expediting and periodic checking of suppliers; certification and surveillance audits on manufacturers according to different standards; institutional inspections and certifications of materials according to standards or customer specifications; plan verification and approval of technical drawings according to the Italian VSR and ASME rules and to German and French standards; IBR (Indian Bolier Regulation), etc.; Qualification of welders, processes and procedures according to ISO 9606-1 (ex UNI EN 287-1), EN 15614-1 (ex UNI EN 288), EN 13585 (ex EN 13133), ENISO 15614-1 (ex EN 13134), EN 15085, UNI EN ISO 3834, German standards and others; management system verification and certification of CO2 emissions, according to the Kyoto protocol; renewable energy; inspections and verifications of safety, reliability and performance of machines and industrial plants, performance assessment of power generation plants, machinery and equipment for renewable energy (wind, photovoltaic), rides and amusement parks, refineries and petrochemical plants; Functional safety (IEC 61508,61511,ISO 13849,ecc); Risk Oriented Inspection and Maintenance (RoiM); certifications according to PED, TPED, simple pressure vessels, Atex, CPR, lifts and machines directives; classification of potential hazard areas (ATEX); energy certification; GOST R certification; support activities for REACH Regulation; amusement parks certification and verifications according to UNI EN 13814/1069. Inspection / audits in nuclear field according to ASME NQA-1.

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Activities in the automotive/autoservice sector
Services for vehicles manufacturers (car makers) and their first and second level networks of sales and service, reliability studies, testing, approvals for cars and motorcycles components, 2, 3 and 4 wheels vehicles approvals; entries ministerial, obtaining registration codes, normative analysis and project assistance, evaluation and certification of used vehicles, process audits, audit based on contractual standards, warranty audit, mystery audit and phantom tests, End of Life Vehicle (2000/53/CE-ELV); second party verification of quality standards according to CE 1400 – Monti’s law - New BER; management systems Certification (automotive schemes); verification and calibration of tools and workshop equipment; technical consultancy for reconstruction of complex accidents in criminal and Civil trials, where the manufacturer company's is involved with alleged liability; car and industrial/special vehicles (usage status and damage assessment) appraisals, accidents management, specialized consultancy for complex/fatal accidents, Used vehicles certification, Fleet Management.

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Technical specialistic training in the following areas: aerospace, environment, automotive, accountability & corporate responsibility, energy, real estate, food & GDO, governance, ICT, industry, management, medical, metrology, quality, rail, safety, product safety. Planning, delivery and coordination of training sessions about workers safety (D-lgs 81/08 and s.s.m.m.). Planning, management and reporting of training plans drawn on all the Interprofessional Funds.

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Functional safety assessment for products and applications in the rail and tram sectors, according to the European standards (CENELEC 50126, 50128, 50129) and to the national regulation approved by the rail authority; activities to support the verification and validation of components and systems; through RAILCERT (NoBo) interoperability certification according to the directive 2008/57/EC. System certification for welding processes in the railway sector - EN 15085. Assessment of components and automation systems’ functional safety, according to IEC 61508, ISO 13849-1, and connected.

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Real Estate
Civil and infrastructural design review and validation of Public Works, technical control of construction for issue of Ten-years Posthumous Warranty, Due Diligence, evaluations and technical assessments in real estate, high supervisory control Commissioning of works, Project & Construction Management, Safety Coordination in building sites (D. Lgs 81/08, Title IV), Energy Building Certification, Building Certification according to TÜV SÜD SCORE® (Sustainability Certification of Real Estate) and to LEED® international standards; verifications of existing fire systems and procedures (D.Lgs 81/08, Titolo XI). Certification of recycled material content, certification according to the construction materials’ regulation (CPR), certification of concrete manufacturers (CLS); activities in the lifting and electrical audits sectors: trials, biennial and special audits on lifts and hoists; “type” CE certification for safety components, model lifts and electric platforms (lift and machine directives); voluntary tests and compliance certification; technical files verifications and risk analysis; technical support and technical appraisals; training; second part inspections; periodic and special electrical audits on earthing and lightning protection systems; Notified Body (0948) for the lift and machine directive (lifting platforms) and authorized body to electrical checks of ground systems by the Ministry of Productive Activities. Inspections on adventure parks in accordance with UNI EN 15567-1.

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(Updated at 07/2014)

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